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Georgia Lottery to Sell Tickets Online


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Georgia is the 2nd State to Approve Online Lottery Sales

The Georgia Lottery announced in late July that they expect to have online lottery ticket sales in place by November of this year.  The state of Illinois has already been selling lottery tickets online for several months, following the landmark opinion letter from the Department of Justice that cleared the way for the sales.

Georgia Lottery Board Chairman Jimmy Braswell says “This is not a silver bullet, but the long-term potential to this is very large; it really is just a change in our existing business model to reach a new set of players.”  Governor Nathan Deal has opposed other forms of expanded gambling in the Peach State, but he supports the online sales of lottery tickets, saying “It does open the participation up to a generation of younger citizens of our state who might not take the time to go to a store to physically purchase a ticket.”

Lottery officials described a registration process that would ensure that the buyers were over 18 years of age, and in the state of Georgia.  Banking details would need to match the name, address and social security number of the player.  Playing time and amounts will also be subject to limits.

The lottery also announced a new debit card called the “iHOPE” card that will allow customers to preload funds, and have any winnings credited back to the card automatically.  The iHOPE card is named for the lottery-funded HOPE scholarship in the state.

Online ticket sales initially will include only the Powerball, Mega Millions and Fantasy 5 games, with a scratch-off type game to likely come later.



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